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Don’t be intimidated by tax season or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). With David M. Chinaka CPA, Inc. by your side, you can feel confident and be ready to file your taxes, this year and every year.

If you like the sound of a stress-free tax season, call our office in Honolulu, HI right now to get started on the tax preparation process.

We’ll crunch the numbers and do your taxes right

We’ll crunch the numbers and do your taxes right

If you find the tax filing process and the associated piles of paperwork overwhelming, bring your documents to certified accountant and experienced auditor David M. Chinaka CPA and he’ll get your taxes ready for filing. His services include:

  • Analyzing your financial accounts
  • Making sure all data is correct
  • Preparing and finalizing your tax returns

You can trust David M. Chinaka CPA of Honolulu, HI to take care of all your tax needs. Call 808-777-6601 to schedule a free consultation.